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Great White Shark Replicas
Great White Shark Mounts
54" Great White Shark
This toothy terror,  has horrified people's dreams, yet  sparks fascination with others. Blamed for numerous death on the Jersey Shore in the bloody summer of 1916,  renowned this fish as a Man Eater.  
We strive to take great detailed in recreation our Great White Shark Mounts. Our shark replicas feature fully detailed  mouth, with hundreds of sharp teeth,  anatomically correct dark eyes ( almost black), and even  down to the detail of the Ampullae of Lorenzini. 
Enhance your home or office with one of these cool great white shark replica mounts. 

Coloration  and patterns  will vary . 

 Sizes available;  35", 48", 54", 58",  60",  76", 79",  80", 96", 98",  115", 158". 186", 16 foot ( 3600 lbs)

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