Marine Creations Taxidermy Fish Mounts
Marine Creations Taxidermy Fish Mounts
Taxidermy Fish
Saltwater: Many saltwater mounts to choose from an Albacore Tuna to a Wahoo. 
However Swordfish, Tarpon, Marlin, Sailfish, and Striped Bass are among the
 most popular of our fish mounts. 

Freshwater: This includes our bass, trout, musky, pike, catfish, perch, ect. 
We also have fish mounts for Amazonian fish species such as Peacock Bass,
Catfish, Piranhas, Pacus, Payaras and much more.  

Shark Taxidermy
Fiberglass fish mount
Send a picture of your trophy catch, and I will reproduce the color patterns to the finest detail. 
If you do not have a photo, a good reference picture will be used. 
I use the highest of quality acrylic and lacquer paints, sprayed through a variety of precision airbrushes. 

fiberglass fish mounts

Sharks:  A wide variety of sharks and rays can be made, from a 10 inch horn 
shark to a 16 foot great white shark. Rare and odd, species such as the Whale 
Shark, Porbeagle , Swell Shark, Thresher, and even the strange and illusive 
Goblin Shark can be made here  at Marine Creations Taxidermy. 
We can also make salt and freshwater sting rays,skates, and sawfish mounts. 
    Each of my mounts are created with the sole purpose of achieving my customer's satisfaction.
  I will reproduce, down to the finest detail, an exact replica of your prized catch. If however, you want to purchase one of our mounts for decorative purposes and not as a trophy, you can be assured that the replica will look sublimely realistic from detailed painting to the accurate reproduction and inlay of teeth to the inserting of gills, if they are desired. In fact our mounts have such integrity of species, that the only ones who will know your fish is a replica are the people you decide to tell.
Mammals: We have a selection of many aquatic mammals to choose from, such 
as dolphins, porpoises, narwhales, manatees, and smaller whales. 

Walrus Head- big male, with 18" tusks, whiskers, and life like features.

African Elephant Head- includes 98" long tusks. hair, detailed mouth. 

Hippo Head replicas- includes tusks, whiskers. 

We also make a life-size Black Rhino reproduction.
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Sailfish & Marlin
Gallery of Marlin, Sailfish , Fish Replica
FIsh Sharks Sailfish Mount Price
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"  the Forever Fish Replicas "
"The Soul of the Fish is in the Eyes." Here at Marine Creations Taxidermy, fish eyes are very important to us. The selection of eyes is not just a minor detail to be overlooked. Our goal is to make your mount anatomically correct. This includes the correct eyes for the correct species of fish. As well there are no dead stares.  We custom make each eye here. No Cheap commercial eyes here! 
Fish Mounts by Marine Creations Taxidermy
Mouths: All our Fish come with fully detailed mouths, tongue and teeth.
Striped Bass Replicas
Blue marlin replicas
Sailfish replicas
Tarpon Replicas

Reptiles & Amphibians : I make reproductions of many  types reptile and amphibian species, for museums around the world. The venomous  snakes make a great  alternative form the real thing, and are safe for educational use.   Mounts come on rocks, wood, panel, or with a  have a custom habitat scene made up. 

Turtle Shells: Need the shell only?, No problem. I carry  top halves shells of many sea turtle species. 

swordfish replicas
largemouth replicas
mahi replicas
Skulls: Clean, realistic, resin skulls cast from real Mammal skulls.  Painted
 with a very natural bone and tooth coloration.  No bugs, no smell, and very durable! Please e-mail me on prices and photos.
Species: Otter, Baboon, Cougar, Gorilla, Coyote ,  Monkey and more.

Photos of our actual custom made fish mount eyes
Sailfish Mounts
Swordfish Mounts
Blue Marlin Mounts
Dolphin Mounts
Striped Bass Mounts
Largemouth Bass Mounts
Tarpon Mounts
Flounder Mounts
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Flounder replicas
Shark Mounts
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fluke mount
Custom Fish Molding
If you have a fish  you wish to be molded, we do offer custom fish molding services. Please contact ahead of time for details.

Shipping will be done Next Day or Over Night Services, Please arrange ahead of time and keep the fish frozen.  Always ship on a Monday or Tuesday.  Fish must be legally caught and within your state's regulations. 

Ph# (813) 727-3933

Ordering Fish Replicas, Shark, Marlin & Sailfish Mount by Marine Creations Taxidermy, Florida Taxidermist. 
blue marlin fiberglass replicas
Triggerfish mounts
 Due to the popularity  of the " Catch and Release" concept,  fish replicas have been increasing in recognition over the years. This results in having a wide range of molds and blanks available. 

There are literately  thousands of species of fish, shark, rays, sea mammals, reptiles, and invertebrates, you can choose from in all sizes. Mounts that range from a 3 inch minnow to a 16 foot great white.  Mounts that have open or closed gills. 
I can recreate a habitat scene, that is unique to the environment you caught your prized fish.