Marine Creations Taxidermy Fish Mounts
Marine Creations Taxidermy Fish Mounts
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Taxidermy Fish
Fish Mounts & Fish Replicas For Sale
Fiberglass fish mounts for sale. Mounted fresh and saltwater fish replicas. Taxidermy fish for sale.

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"  the Forever Fish Replicas "
25"  Atlanitc Guitarfish Mount

Comments:  New
Year: 2016
Price: $ 195.00

22" Tiger Shovelnose Catfish Mount

Condition:  New
Year: 2015
Price: $ 220.00

Cownose Ray Mount

Condition: New
Comments:  20" Wingspan  x 32" Long
Year: 2017
Price: $ 250.00

360°  Redfish Tail Mount

Condition:  New
Comments:  by artist Bryan Russell
Year: 2017
Price: $ 115.00

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20" California Sheephead Mount

Condition: New
Comments:  Mounted on Driftwood 
Year: 2017
Price: $ 195.00

27" Red Carp Mount

Condition: Great
Comments: "Asian traditional float/cane pole fishing" Scene.
​Year: 2007
Price: $695.00  Pickup in NYC