A favorite among fly fishermen, the brown trout has been introduced to rivers, brooks, and lakes worldwide.  This species is carnivorous and feed on insects, fish, crustaceans especially crayfish, mollusks, salamanders, frogs and  even rodents.

They come in a variety shapes, sizes , and color;  Please send us your photo and we will find a blank that best matches your fish and will paint to the exact detail.

Sizes available range from 18"  to 36"  

20"   Brown Trout
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26"  Summer Flounder ( Fluke)
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The fabulous Flounder are  flatfish, that inhabit ocean waters in Northern Europe and along the east coast of the United States and Canada.  Sought after for their fantastic fillets, flounder are at the top of the fisherman's menu. 
We strive for realism in our Flounder & Fluke replica mounts. Both sides of the flounder are painted and complete. 
The Flounder's  colors, spots, and patterns  vary to match their environment and surroundings.  Send us your photo and we will match  your flounder's uniqueness.  

Also available:   Marine Creations Taxidermy has a wide variety of Flounder and Fluke mounts, such as Southern, Gulf, Summer, Peacock,Winter .  
Halibut, Sole, and Hog Chocker mounts and replicas also available

Flounder sizes available range from 18"  to 38"  
Flounder replicas
36 " Southern Flounder
19" Gulf Flounder
32"  Summer Flounder ( Fluke)
35"  Summer Flounder ( Fluke)
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30"  Summer Flounder ( Fluke)
28"  Summer Flounder ( Fluke)
Flounder replicas
Flounder replica mount
33 " Southern Flounder
Flounder replicas
34"  Summer Flounder ( Fluke)
31"  Summer Flounder ( Fluke)
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11" Gulf Flounder
Flounder replicas
30 " Southern Flounder
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29" Summer Flounder / Fluke
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