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Marine Creations Taxidermy Fish Mounts
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Vintage 96" Sailfish mount restored!
80" Atlantic Sailfish replica mount
72" Sailfish replica Mounts
One of the most prestigious trophy Fish on the U.S. East Coast  for big-game fishermen, the Atlantic Sailfish  gives a spectacular battle when hooked.  At Marine Creations Taxidermy, our  Sailfish replicas are highly detailed, with impressive paint joba. Many Poses to choose from ( traditional, straight, tail walking, hooked, and half dorsal).  Add your artificial lure, to personalize your trophy. Also available are favorite prey such as Ballyhoo, Flying fish, Jacks, and Needlefish.  Brilliantly colored as a Key West sunset, our sailfish mounts make the ultimate vacation souvenir. 

Sizes available range from 42"  to 127"  

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Atlantic Sailfish fish replicas and mounts
Atlantic Sailfish Mounts
89 " Atlantic Sailfish