Marine Creations Taxidermy Fish Mounts
Marine Creations Taxidermy Fish Mounts
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Marine Creations Taxidermy is home of the " Forever Fish Replicas"
Taxidermist located in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tampa Florida area. 

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20" Snook replica mount
33" Snook fish taxidermy
40" Snook fish fiberglass replica by Marine Creations Taxidermy
35" SNook replica
taxidermy 24" Snook fish mount
47" Snook replica
A  prize catch for many of Florida's Inshore Anglers.  Marine Creations Taxidermy offers the most realistic snook mounts on the market.  Each scale is painstakingly tipped with silver wax, which gives the mount a more realistic look, than our competitor's. 

Coloration : Please be specific on the color of your snook. Colors range from silvers, to gold,  Light to Dark, depending on various conditions.

Available in open or closed mouths.

Snook Species Available; Common Snook, Swordspine Snook, Fat Snook, Tarpon Snook, Pacific Black Snook. 

Sizes : 12 " to 46"

Aslo Available;  Swordspine Snook, Pacific Black Snook, Cuban (Fat) Snook , Tarpon Snook
Snook Mount, Snook Replica, Snook  Taxidermy,  Snook Repro, Quality Fiberglass Saltwater Fish Mounts and Replicas
Clearwater / Tampa Florida Taxidermist

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Snook fish replica Taxidermy Mount
39"  Snook