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Marine Creations Taxidermy is home of the " Forever Fish Replicas"

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Largemouth Bass Fish Taxidermy Replica Mount
Largemouth Bass Mounts
24.5" & 22" Largemouth Bass
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Top of the game fish list for fresh water anglers, Marine Creations Taxidermy is the place to come to get your trophy bass replica.  Whether it is a Great Lakes Largemouth or a Florida Black Bass,  each of our Largemouth Bass replica mounts are highly detailed and life-like in every way > Even down to the veins in the lips.

Coloration :  Send us your photo and we'll recreate the patterns and tones unique to your fish. 

Sizes Available : All shapes and sizes .  From 6" to 32"

striped bass Long Island Taxidermist taxidermy
26.5 Largemouth Bass replica
25" Largemouth Bass mount
23.5" largemouth bass replica
25" x 18" 10# Bass
27-3/8"  Largemouth Bass Replica Mount
26" Largemouth Bass Replica
26" x 20" Largemouth bass fish mount by Marine Creations Taxidermy
25" x 20" Largemouth Bass Mount
21lb Record Largemouth Bass Reproduction
26" L x 20" G Largemouth Bass Fish replica
25" Largemouth Bass
26" Largemouth Bass Mount
24.5" Largemouth Bass Fish Mount
28" Largemouth Bass replica
21" Largemouth Bass Taxidermy fish mount
24.5" x 19" Largemouth Bass replica
24" 11lb Largemouth Bass Taxidermy Fish
21#  Largemouth Bass26" x 20"  California State Record
24" Largemouth Bass