A favorite among fly fishermen, the brown trout has been introduced to rivers, brooks, and lakes worldwide.  This species is carnivorous and feed on insects, fish, crustaceans especially crayfish, mollusks, salamanders, frogs and  even rodents.

They come in a variety shapes, sizes , and color;  Please send us your photo and we will find a blank that best matches your fish and will paint to the exact detail.

Sizes available range from 18"  to 36"  

20"   Brown Trout
Marine Creations Taxidermy Fish Mounts
Marine Creations Taxidermy Fish Mounts
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With its' distinctive pattern of white spots or rings, the Spotted eagle is easily recognizable. Our  fiberglass replica ray mounts feature anatomically correct eyes,  a beautiful paint job and  a small stinging spine located near the tail base.

Sizes available, meausred by wingspan :  20" - 78"

Also available Cownose Ray, Butterfly Rays Manta Ray replicas

Spotted Eagle Ray Mounts
38" Spotted Eagle Ray
Spotted Eagle Ray Mount, Spotted Eagle Ray Replica, Spotted Eagle Ray Taxidermy, Spotted Eagle RayRepro,  Fiberglass Sting Ray and Fish Mounts and Replicas

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38" eagle ray, measured by wingspan. Over all 48" in length
20" wingspan eagle ray
Eagle Ray Taxidermy Fish Mount
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