Marine Creations Taxidermy Fish Mounts
Marine Creations Taxidermy Fish Mounts
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Fish Replicas by Marine Creations Taxidermy
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"  the Forever Fish Replicas "

Marine Creations Taxidermy is home of the " Forever Fish Replicas"
Taxidermist located in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tampa Florida area. 

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Mounted 37" Redfish
42" Red Drum replica mount-NC beach coloration
Redfish Mount Closeup
Red Drum tail
26" redfish mount by Marine Creations Taxidermy
24" Redfish Fish Replica
25" Redfish replica mount
43" Red Drum fish Mount
48" Redfish Fiberglass Fish replica
One of the favorite gamefish for inshore angler's , the redfish is prized on it's strength and stamina.  No detail is over looked in the recreation of your trophy redfish replica mount. 

Coloration  and patterns vary from a silvery gray to a mahogany red. Please be specific in asking for color and spot number. A photo will help in the painting process and will be matched with precision. 

 Sizes available, range from 12" to  a record 58"  94 lbs.  

Redfish & Red Drum Mount, Redfish Replica, Redfish & Red Drum  Taxidermy,  Redfish  Reproductions,  Quality Fiberglass Saltwater Fish Mounts and Replicas
Tampa / Clearwater Florida Taxidermist

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40"  Red Drum
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